Another Shirt

True to my goal of making more shirts, here is one I am very proud of, because it’s entirely my own creation. I used a dress of Turtle’s that fits her well as a guide to make my own pattern. Side note: I started out with an old shirt that was too small, adding several inches to the pattern. When I had cut out the pieces and put them together on the table, I realized I had the most disastrous pattern ever created. The arms were long enough for me. But I digress…

To start, I laid the dress out on paper and traced around it,

and ended up with these pieces.

It has a separate “bodice” piece, a little gather in the front center and back center, and slight gathers at the top of the sleeves. And I realize you can see none of that here. Sorry.

It’s made with a white knit fabric. The neckline has a cutout in the back that closes with a snap. I hate buttonholes so I snap everything.

And just for a little extra cuteness, I embroidered a flower at the hem. Credit goes to Rebecca for the design, from way back in our days of paint penning at the SK house.


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