Fabric Selection

Wow, so glad I stumbled on this series from Oliver + S. I am woefully lacking in the skills that these sewers have in selecting fabric. I tend to gravitate toward prints that become overwhelming as a garment, or that just scream “homemade” in a homely and unattractive way.

I am making it a goal to get better at this, and I think the ways I can do so are these:

1. Do not take Turtle to the fabric store. It is like a wonderland for her, and I have to admit I have on one occasion “lost” her there. It was at Gail K, which is like Mood, but with more emphasis on drag costumes. The aisles are incredibly narrow and the bolts are stacked, piled, leaned and dumped in every inch of the store from floor to ceiling.
2. Which leads to: Do not go when the store is about to close, I have somewhere else to be, etc. If I am rushed, I make bad decisions. It takes a long time to sort through all the crap and find something good. Most of the time the stores are pretty busy and there are few people to help. Unless it’s Whipstitch, which is in a class by itself.

So, we’ll see if this helps.


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