My turn!

After a bit of a sewing hiatus, I finally got to make something for myself this weekend. I’ve had this project on the list for a few weeks. It’s the Marie skirt from Burda Style. Rated for novices, the instructions are about as useful as if they were written in Chinese. So for everything but the first couple of steps, I just winged it. Fortunately, I already knew of a great tutorial for invisible zippers that I used. But if I wear it around you, please don’t look too closely at the waistband.

I chose a green linen that I think worked well. It’s bright, but not too bright.

There are pleats in the front and back, and it’s designed to be pretty voluminous, like a tulip shape.

The pattern sizing is off. It’s designed to sit on the natural waist, but the measurements go by your hips.
So needless to say, it’s too big to sit at my waist, and is definitely low rise instead.

All in all, I think it’s cute. If I had any patience, I would make things in muslin first so I don’t make mistakes with my expensive fabrics. As usual, now that I’ve made one, I know how to do it better next time.


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