The Bubble Dress

Let me just say: toot, toot! I am so proud of myself. I have completed my first fully lined garment. It is a “real” dress, practically indistinguishable from something commercially made. All credit goes to the amazing pattern designers at Oliver + S. This is the easiest to understand, most clearly written project I have ever seen.

So, this dress gets its name from the hem, which has a hidden elastic to give that cute bubble effect. It was designed with scalloped sides, but that looked to be a little much for me, so I went for the “plain” look.

It has adorable cap sleeves. The girls at Whipstitch picked out the fabric for me. It’s sort of subtly nautical.

The back is a button closure with not one, but three buttons. My sewing machine does a great job at this so I really shouldn’t be so reticent to do buttons. I found these little vintage ones at Whipstitch for $1.

When I finished it last night, I showed it to AGG and kept saying things like, “Look, it has a lining!” and “Look, it has three buttons!” Everyone needs something to pump themselves up about, right?

Turtle looked so pretty in it, even if it was 100 degrees out there this afternoon. The pattern is going out of print, so I’m glad I snagged one. It goes up to 5T so I envision a lot of these in our future.


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