Yes, We Eat a Lot of Pasta

It’s hard for me to pass up a recipe that includes cream. I mean, cream makes everything better, don’t you agree? I stumbled onto this great site called Food 52 last week, and I appreciate that it is made up of home cooks. They avoid dumbing down the recipes or making them “easy,” which means that many of them involve brining things overnight or roasting whole chickens for three hours – not something I can do on a Thursday. However, there are a lot pasta recipes there too, which are almost always the easiest thing to do during the week, and when I saw this one, I had to try it.

It includes two ingredients I have never cooked with: shallots and snap peas. I know that’s lame on the shallots, but I have a thing with onions. I am trying to be better though so that Turtle doesn’t develop my pickiness. And I’ve just never come across a dish that uses these peas.

 Did I mention there’s prosciutto? Well there is, a quarter pound of it.

And of course, the cream. An entire pint.

Add some noodles and you’ve got yourself a meal. Delish. Turtle wasn’t quite sold on eating the pea pods, so I squeeze the peas out for her and she gobbled them up. They add a really nice, fresh crunch though. This is obviously not “diet” food, but one small serving will do you right.


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