The BEST Chicken Ever

I was looking for a new chicken recipe last week and came across this one on Food Network. It is one of their “house” recipes – not by a particular chef. Let me tell you, it’s the best baked chicken I have ever had. The first time I used boneless, skinless breasts, but this time followed the instructions and used split breasts with the skin removed. Not only was it HALF the price, one piece fed all three of us, with some to spare for lunch tomorrow.

The coating is a mixture of crispy rice cereal (I used the Whole Foods brand), melba toast (you can also use bagel chips, but I couldn’t find these easily and as usual had a toddler in tow), olive oil and paprika. First though, you dip the pieces in Greek yogurt with a little Dijon mustard added. It is

The chicken is baked on a rack with foil underneath, which makes for super fast cleanup. For tonight’s meal, I also made some potatoes and roasted them along with the chicken. I nuked them for a few minutes first so they could catch up to the chicken. I love any excuse to use rosemary, since I have three pots of it out back.

We needed something green, so I also cooked some green beans to death. I like my beans very cooked, like the ones that come out of a can. Sorry, please don’t judge. Seriously, you must try this chicken. You will not regret it.


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