In the “I never knew this was so easy to do” file is Turtle’s new smocked dress. Actually, it’s not completely hassle-free – you have to wind the elastic thread on the bobbin by hand and you can only get so much on there. I had to refill mine twice. Also, the thread broke a couple of times on me. But I’m sure with practice it will get easier. This dress is made with Heather Ross’ instructions from her book Weekend Sewing. She has also shared it for free online in a few places.

It has spaghetti straps that tie at the shoulders. This smocking is stretchy, obviously, which means that Turtle will be able to wear it for a long time to come. The adjustable straps will also come in handy, and eventually it can become a top as she gets taller.

I made a matching headband following the easy tutorial I’ve used in the past. So it became a whole ensemble!


6 thoughts on “Longevity

  1. Ash, she has recently learned to say "cheese." Most pics are result of me doing something stupid to make her laugh, like putting things on my head. I'm sure my neighbors love it.

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