Flower Girl Dress

Fortunately, I read several critiques of this pattern, the Flower Girl Dress from Heather Ross’ Weekend Sewing, before I got started. The chief concern was that the bodice fits so snugly against the chest that it doesn’t leave any room for chubby and/or not so dexterous arms to get through. She offers a solution for a custom fit through the errata posted on the publisher’s website, and others suggested not to permanently attach the straps as the pattern dictates, but to make them tie at the shoulders or button/snap.

I went for buttons, and widened the bodice measurement a bit. The pattern runs very small; I made a 3T and still had to make it bigger. Even so, I think it turned out darling. And I love this fabric – another motif that’s feminine without hitting you over the head with girliness.

I had some straps left over after I cut them to size, so I made a little rosette and attached it to a hair clip. After just a short time, Turtle managed to “broke” it and pull the rosette off. But I guess that’s what hot glue is for.


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