"And I Helped!"

We make Shake n’ Bake pork chops all the time, but this afternoon when I was thinking about what to make for dinner, I figured that surely someone must have come up with a recipe to do this from scratch. Sure enough, Google did not let me down.

This concoction I found at RecipeZaar.com is based on corn flakes. (I discovered that there is no such thing as healthy corn flakes by the way, when I went looking through the natural foods section. Makes sense since it’s just corn and sugar. But I digress… ) There are a select few spices, flour and a little sugar. Nothing fancy.

I try not to buy plastic bags, so ours were not so much “shaked” as they were dredged. Oh well, same difference.

I wouldn’t say that these tasted just like Kraft, but it was pretty close. One big reason to do it this way: Kraft’s version has 106 calories and 795 grams of sodium a serving, while this version has 21 calories and 610 grams of sodium. Still a lot of salt, but better.

With peas and smashed potatoes (any health benefits derived from making my own Shake ‘n Bake quickly lost on the sour cream-filled potatoes to which I also added a little cream cheese, because why not?) it was a tasty dinner either way.


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