Oh Baby!

I have been on a mission in recent weeks to use all the random fabric pieces I have. Most are too small to make clothing with, and they tend to pile up quickly. I first saw Noodlehead‘s diaper pouch tutorial on Luvinthemommyhood, and thought this would be a great use of some of those scraps that make my husband think I already have enough fabric and don’t need to buy any more. Which we all know is just silly.

It’s such a cute idea, and I don’t know why I didn’t make one for myself before. I am not starting any diaper-related projects for this household as I hope we’re on the way out of those. But I have three pregnant friends/relatives, so there’s plenty of opportunity for baby stuff.

They are lined with a nice thick fleece and have a little Velcro strap that keeps everything inside. They hold several small diapers, plus a pack of wipes. I think they’ll be very handy to toss in a purse or keep in the glove box. I made the two above with two bands of fabric and the one below with one band. You’ll remember this cute fabric, I’m sure.

I also made some bibs using the tutorial at Lia’s Space. Super easy; getting them turned right side out was the hardest part. I hope all will be enjoyed by the two boys and the as-yet-unknown Lentil coming in October.


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