Amanda’s Quilt-y Blanket

Editor’s Note: Though technically constructed as a quilt would be, I’m not going to call this a quilt. That would be a huge insult to people like my MIL who spend weeks at a time meticulously hand stitching gorgeous works of art. This is not one of those blankets. It would probably make my MIL cry, so I hope she never sees it up close. So, let’s just call it “quilt-ish” or “quilt-y.” 

My sister apparently wore a certain dress for like six months straight sometime in high school or college. I don’t remember it, although I can’t imagine why I wouldn’t because (sarcasm alert) it is bea-u-tiful. She brought it to me a few weeks ago and asked that I turn it into a blanket, so that was my project this week.

There is a good bit of pink in the dress, so I wanted to steer clear of that for the backing and accent fabric. I picked out this Kona cotton in a really great shade of purple, and I think it looks just right. It helps to keep the blanket from being too “precious.”

I don’t see how people do this by hand. I  don’t have the patience. I also don’t have the room. Wow, does making a quilt take up a lot of room or what? I think it would look pretty with those little knots (there is probably a term for this?) tied in the purple squares. Sister will have to tackle that part, as I am done with quilting. I have gained mucho respect for quilters this week. Hats off to you.

And as an example, here is the quilt my MIL made for Turtle when she was born. It is beyond amazing. Everything you see was stitched by hand. These pictures do not do it justice. In the bottom one, hopefully you can see that this square includes Turtle’s initials. It is one of our most prized possessions and I just love everything about it.


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