Meat & Potatoes

I bought a yummy jar of local honey at the Peachtree Road Farmers’ Market a couple weeks ago and was looking for a way to use it. I found this recipe at the Food52 blog that looked like it would do the trick. It was Tuesday though, and no way was I up for roasting a chicken for an hour and a half. I used good old boneless, skinless instead and I think it still held up really well.

It was super easy and quick as well. To go with it, I put together a couple of sides also found at Food52: potato salad and asparagus with (supposed-to-be-prosciutto-but-settled-for) bacon and parmesan. The potatoes are delish, but really garlicky. That’s fine with me, but it was a little too “kicky” for the DH. The asparagus was ridiculously good.

A word of warning about the chicken though – it must be eaten at the first sitting. We had leftovers tonight and something about it sitting overnight (lemons, I guess?) made it taste a little bitter. If you do decide to keep and reheat, be prepared that this may happen:

Followed by this:

Happy eating!


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