Popover! Thanks, it’s a cardigan.

If you can’t tell there hasn’t been much sewing going on around here in the past couple of weeks. No real reason, just hit a lull I guess. I did make my youngest sister a birthday present with this Burda pattern made up in a cool pink and brown striped Michael Miller knit. As happened the last time I tried one of their patterns, this one was made more complicated than it should be by the cryptic instructions. I mean, it’s a knit shirt, it shouldn’t be that hard.

But I digress. I am obsessed with Oliver + S patterns (maybe because they use a plus sign for the “and,” which I always do myself. Great minds think alike.) The Popover Sundress has been on my list forever and I finally got around to it this week. It’s super simple and best of all, the pattern is free!

Inspired by others in the Flickr pool, I added a button to the bodice. This is another gem from my inherited button stash. Speaking of, if you ever need a big gold button, I’m your man. Did every piece of clothing in the 80s have gold buttons?

The print is from IKEA. Oh darling IKEA, is there anything you can’t do? I love the frog so I positioned him (her?) front and center. The pink is some cheap stuff I picked up at Hancock. I made this in a 2T and we will be lucky if it fits through the summer. Sometimes I think Turtle grows hourly.


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