Go Team!

I apologize to my faithful readers (all four of you) for neglecting the blog these past few weeks. We had a great beach vacation and since then have been just catching up on things.

I learned when Turtle was born that there are few stylish choices on the market when it comes to baby collegiate outfits. As a girl, you are pretty much either a cheerleader or in gingham or plaid. I think this is one place where boys’ clothes win, as you can’t go wrong with a little boy in a polo shirt and khaki shorts. So I was determined to make something for Turtle to wear while cheering on the Georgia Bulldogs that was not plaid and did not assume that all girls want to be cheerleaders.

This is the essentially the same pattern as the dress I made a few weeks ago from the happy homemade book, except that it has these cute sleeves. Just like the other style, it closes in the back with fabric button loops.

I think it’s just darling, and I love  this Robert Kaufman print, called Groove, by Caleb Gray.

Hopefully now that Turtle is properly dressed, it will bring our team some better luck.


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