The Whimsical Fairy, Planning Stage

Last year, Turtle wanted absolutely nothing to do with her Halloween costume. I think she had it on for five minutes, and those five minutes went something like this.

She wouldn’t sit still enough for me to draw her whiskers either, so they were all crooked. I patted myself on the back several times for making her costume instead of purchasing the $50 elaborate one I originally spotted.

So this year, I am going the homemade route again with the expectation that Turtle may or may not freak out. Hancock Fabrics is having an anniversary sale this weekend, and I got this pattern, McCall’s 5904, for 97 CENTS, including tax. I didn’t believe the checkout lady when she told me.

They are called Whimsical Fairies, and the pattern includes wings and a hat. I’m not into the hat, but I think the costume in general is really cute. I think I’m going to go with View A. I love the scalloped neckline, and that’s actually a full dress, with an elastic waist skirt over it. I guess I’ll finally have a use for the purple rhinestones in my button collection. Now where is that Bedazzler… ?


2 thoughts on “The Whimsical Fairy, Planning Stage

  1. hello, it is your idiot friend who paid $70 for Oliver's costume this year. I am still justifying it. Last year we borrowed one and I picked a lion so child number two can wear it whether a boy or girl. And my mom buys the majority of his clothes so this one splurge is ok, right?

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