A New Skill

Turtle wore her denim dress to school last week and got several compliments on it. So I thought I would make another, since that one is getting shorter by the day. It will definitely be a shirt come wintertime. I decided that I would try in-seam pockets, and after a miserable attempt at working it out on my own, I followed Burda Style’s tutorial and things went much more smoothly.

Turtle modeled it yesterday evening while blowing bubbles and playing with our new building mascot.

He (she?) is really sweet, and has been hanging around the courtyard for several days. Some kind neighbors have been feeding him. Kitty cats are one of Turtle’s favorite things in the whole world, but not even this cute kitty is allowed to play with her toys.

“No kitty! No bubbles!”

She also made sure he stayed a safe distance from her bouncy ball. He would bound after it when she rolled it down the path, and she ran after to shoo him away. I tried to get her to put her hands in her pockets to show off my new sewing skill, but I don’t think she really understood the concept.


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