New Favorite

A sorority sister of mine has a great blog, Eat. Swim. Shop., and a few days ago she wrote about a recipe for creamed corn from the New York Times. Cream and blue cheese? Yes, please.

One of the many reasons Whole Foods is great: the cheese guy repackaged this when I said I was looking for a smaller portion. This is about half of what was originally included. I just didn’t want to buy more than I needed. There is a reason they call it Whole Paycheck. I didn’t serve it over tomatoes as the recipe suggests, but made it as a traditional side dish. I also left out the pine nuts, because I’m just not a big fan.

To go with this and our pork chops, I made Alton Brown’s excellent Oven Roasted Broccoli. It is super easy and all family members love it, including Farley when he gets leftovers. Well, except me. I don’t eat broccoli. I know, shameful.

I appreciate how pretty it looks though!


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