My Very Own Logo!

I’m sure everyone has noticed the banner at the top of the blog featuring my new logo! My very talented sister-in-law Ashley, a graphic designer, created this banner for the Etsy shop that I hope to have up and running in the next few months. There are so many more things involved than I imagined: calculating sales taxes, getting a business license, liability insurance. Plus, when you sell children’s clothing you have to comply with federal regulations by labeling each garment with its fabric content and care instructions. I think the business license can be gotten online in Georgia. (True, business owners?)

I am trying to decide what sort of labels to use. At first, I was sold on woven damask labels, as discussed in this post on MADE. They are expensive, but look very good. Then I was looking at one of Turtle’s dresses from Tea Collection, and they use iron-on labeling, so there is no itchy tag. I hated those as a kid. The downside to this is that it can wear off. Any thoughts?


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