Cakes and More Cakes

Turtle’s birthday party was a little out of control last year – there were just too many people. So this year we decided to take it down a notch and just have family. Two of Turtle’s favorite things are kitties and the color pink, so that was an easy theme decision.

I made a small cake just for Turtle, using Bakerella’s yellow cake recipe, and covered it with her chocolate cream cheese frosting. Of course, the cake needed to be pink so a little food coloring gel did the trick.

Sitting on top was an adorable kitty crafted by fliepsiebieps in The Hague, Netherlands. Esther made this little cutie especially for Turtle, and it was her favorite part of the party, by far.

No two-year-old’s birthday party would be complete without cupcakes, and ours were chocolate with pink cream cheese frosting. I learned that cute cupcake wrappers are overrated, and I should have just used the cheap ones from the grocery store.

Turtle had a wonderful time and got lots of awesome presents. I made way too many cupcakes so I suppose I will be forced to eat them so they don’t go to waste. Darn.


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