O Christmas Tree

We put up our tree on Sunday, and I must say, I think it looks lovely. Turtle “helped” by picking up all the ornaments and asking, “Mommy, what does that say?” – even the plain ones.

My tree is not themed or color coordinated – it’s just a mish-mash of the ornaments I’ve collected over the years. In high school, my cheerleading squad had an ornament exchange every year. At the time, I thought it was a little odd, (because what 16-year-old doesn’t love Christmas ornaments, right?), but I am so grateful now to have them.

My group of college girlfriends started an exchange almost 10 years ago now, and we’ll be having it year’s this weekend. The thing I love most about exchanging ornaments is that I always buy one for myself too.

This is probably one of my ugliest. I painted it in college at a sorority Christmas party. It’s supposed to be a strand of lights. Right …

I should be better about marking them so I don’t forget who gave them to me and when. I think my friend Drena gave me this one, but I really don’t know for sure. Turtle keeps saying, “Mommy, that an angel,” and then she will hug it and say, “Mommy, I hug angel.” Man, I love Christmas!


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