The Stockings Were Hung

Well, not so much hung. Although my dear husband bought a stocking for me in college, (it is the “traditional” Winnie the Pooh – a phase I went though – yes, I know how lame it is), we have never had matching stockings for the whole family. I never found just the right ones. They were all either too fussy, too small, too cheap looking, or $75 apiece.

Enter, the Purl Bee and their Simple Embroidered Stockings.

Their examples are made in a variety of bright colors, but I was too scared that I would tire of that in a few years. They also used a natural color for the lining and cuff, but my store was out and I am too impatient to order some.

No worries though, I think the green looks great. It’s festive and jolly without being over the top. I am not a “seasonal decorator,” so these and the tree will be our only Christmas adornments.

They are nice and roomy for all the goodies that Santa brings. My mother is the best at stuffing stockings, and that is my favorite part of Christmas morning. Turtle didn’t really get it, and kept asking me to put them on.

Now I just need to finish embroidering the names. The good thing about making items in multiples is that you get several chances to perfect it. To that end, I decided very early on in the process that the first one would be the dog’s. I mean, I love him, but he doesn’t care, right? If he wakes up Christmas morning with a new toy, it will make his year.


One thought on “The Stockings Were Hung

  1. HA! I like that the dog gets his first. You are so right, the last one tends to look better than the first one!Your stockings look great. Don't you just LOVE the Purl Bee?!

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