Cookies for Santa

As kids, we always made and decorated cookies for Christmas with our friends the Bones and Halls. For the past few years the tradition has waned somewhat since 20-somethings don’t traditionally like to spend their holiday piping icing. We preferred more liquid-based merriment. Usually that meant my mom decorated them all after we did a couple and petered out. Now that we have kids in the house again though, the cookie tradition is back.

It’s been a long time since we made gingerbread, but when I saw a blog post about it, I knew what I wanted Santa to have for his midnight snack. These are adapted from a 1961 New York Times recipe.

Turtle did a great job helping to cut out the men. Unfortunately, our vintage cookie cutter doesn’t really “cut” anymore. Guess he will be turning into a tree ornament for next year. We also learned that Silpat makes an excellent nap mat.

I like the cookies plain, but my mom couldn’t stand it and had to ice a few.

We also did some sugar cookies (which I must confess were made with a mix). But they do look pretty.

Merry Christmas!


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