Holiday Food Recap

The highlight of all celebrations in my family is of course the food. For Christmas, both sides of our family usually try to branch out and do something different than the traditional ham and/or turkey. At the Goble house this year, we had chicken and steak kabobs, and at the Mitchell house we had standing rib roast with:

and of course, Macaroni alla Rachel

I hosted Christmas morning breakfast and tried Mark Bittman’s Everyday Pancakes, as annotated by Smitten Kitchen.
I’m not a very good pancake flipper. I need to make them more often and get some practice. We also had granola and yogurt, with Atlanta Fresh Yogurt. If you are lucky enough to have this in your neighborhood store, you should definitely try it. It’s expensive and has no preservatives so buy only what you’ll eat soon because it goes bad quickly. It’s from Newborn, Georgia, in Morgan County, which I happen to know from my newspaper days is near Madison. 
Well, time to start fasting I guess. Happy New Year!

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