First Project of the Year – Check

I got this great black and white gingham a few months back thinking I would use it for an Oliver + S Jump Rope Dress. But the more I looked at it, the more I thought it would work better as an Ice Cream. I think I made the right decision.

 Turtle did a little twirling in the front of the mirror,

checked out the pockets (she LOVES pockets),

and practiced her pouty model face.

To top it all off, the side seams are finished with my trusty new serger. I told you I was leaving the rainbow threads.

I must say I have a new appreciation for tailors after working with this black Kona cotton. There were several times when I just plowed forward hoping I was stitching in the right place because I couldn’t really tell. Of course that could also have something to do with the dismal lighting in my sewing area.

Alright, next project for 2011 is an apron for my niece, and then we’re going to really get down to business: flower girl dresses in silk dupioni for my sister’s April wedding. This is going to get interesting…


4 thoughts on “First Project of the Year – Check

  1. Love your choice of fabric. Know what you mean about working on black fabric!Dress is simply adorable on your little one. I'm just loving the O + S patterns. End result always looks good.

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