Pillow Pointillism

As you know, Turtle is not an only child. Her brother Farley is 7 years old, 65 pounds and not toilet trained.  His favorite foods are chicken livers and crab Rangoon, and his favorite activity is sleeping.

This presents a bit of a decorating challenge. Usually when you have kids you turn to darker colors to hide all those mystery stains they love to leave in their wake. But having someone who leaves little white hairs everywhere throws that idea out the window. I was at my favorite store the other day to pick up something else and, of course, got distracted. This, I thought, will make pillows perfect for hiding stains and white hairs.

From “afar,” they look like your average damask. But up close, 

you can see that the graphic is “pixellated,” like a pointillism painting. I used my old IKEA pillow covers as a template. I thought their construction was a little weird, but the Swedes have never steered me wrong, as you could immediately tell if you walked into our condo. I did the first one in exactly the same way, but switched to what I thought made more sense for the others. I also didn’t cut the first one right, and ended up with a flower that’s lopped off at the top. Oh well, it can stay in the back.

These are the only even remotely floral items in our home, and although my dear husband thought the fabric was awesome when I showed him the yardage, he was less sure of the finished product. I think his exact words were, “Iiiiit’s not what I thought it would be.” Well, I love them at least.


2 thoughts on “Pillow Pointillism

  1. I like em! And I have a dog hair problem too – cept my dog is black and it just looks awesome laying on top of my tile floor! I have been thinking about new pillows for our couch, but haven't gotten myself motivated to swe them. Thanks for the inspiration! Now I have an excuse to go shop for the PERFECT fabric!

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