V’s Apron

Editor’s Note: If you are my sister and don’t want to see your daughter’s birthday present, stop here.

My niece turns 2 later this month, and my sister requested that I make the two of them matching aprons. Browsing through the fabric store, I thought that a couple of the new City Weekend prints would be perfect; they are crisp and modern, but also still feel “homey” to me.

This is Sew Liberated’s Montessori child’s apron, which taught me a little something. One of the tenets of Montessori is teaching children to do things for themselves, like get dressed. So to that end, the apron has easy-for-little-hands details like an elasticized neck strap and a waist strap that Velcros instead of ties.

I used the Park Ramble print on the front and River View for the lining, both in Yellow Gold. Mmmm, I love these prints.

Turtle was kind enough to model it for me. We had to make it snappy since it’s something like 30 degrees outside. To me, that might as well be -30.

Mommy-sized apron coming up tomorrow.


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