Mommy Sized Apron

Editor’s Note: Again, if your name is Amanda and you’re related to me, stop reading.

Well, here it is, the mommy portion of the mommy-and-me aprons. Unfortunately, I don’t have a dress form so I had to do my own modeling in the mirror. If my camera wasn’t my most prized possession, I would have let Turtle try to take the picture. But I would cry for a long, long time if it got broken, and she has a knack for breaking things.

It’s based loosely on this pattern I found. The City Weekend fabric is pretty lightweight, and I felt it needed more heft, so I added a lining, just like the mini version. I also adjusted the straps, because even with my limited math skills, I know that if you start with a 2-inch piece of fabric, fold in one-half inch on each side, and then fold the whole thing in half, that doesn’t leave you with a 1-inch strip. I still need to get a D-ring for the neck strap – I do like that detail so you don’t have to tie a bow behind your neck.

They’ll be a stylish pair in the kitchen, for sure.


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