Dress Rehearsal

I knew I would need to work out the kinks of the flower girl dresses before cutting into expensive fabric, but I also didn’t want to spend all that time on a muslin that couldn’t be worn. I figured that even the cheapest ugly fabric would make a serviceable play dress.

And this is pretty ugly. At least I think it is – my family said it wasn’t that bad.

This corduroy was on sale and I just grabbed it for the price and thinking that corduroy would be good to play in while it’s still cold out.

I’m glad I practiced because there are a couple of issues I ran into. One, my sleeves didn’t come together very well. And two, I didn’t do a very good job transferring the pattern markings for the pleats so they are a little askew. You can’t really tell on this dark fabric but on anything else I’m sure it would be quite noticeable.

I chose some super ugly buttons from my stash so as not to “waste” any good ones. Our actual flower girls version will use the ties in front instead of tabs, but I just went with the tabs here for time’s sake.

I love the hem facing and am going to experiment with using a contrasting color on the real dresses. They will be off-white silk with “seafoam” green ties, so I’m wondering whether the green on the facings would look cool or distract from the dresses. Work on the real things will start in the next few days…


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