Guilty Pleasure

Continuing to work my way through my new cookbook, I found a recipe this week for Basic Corn Chowder, one of the variations of which includes bacon and cream. Obviously, I was sold. I had a vague thought when I decided to make it that it wasn’t exactly conceived for January, considering corn is definitely a summer item. But when I got to the grocery store and saw “Product of Mexico” stamped on the package, I felt really guilty. I mean, this is what the Food Inc. people are talking about, right? I immediately started imagining how much fuel and other energy was used to truck these ears of corn from Mexico to Atlanta.

But I grocery shop solely for the next meal, and had already planned out that this would be our dinner. So I got my anemic looking Mexican corn and shamefully brought it home.

On the bright side, it was delicious.

It came together very quickly, which is not something you can say about a lot of soups.

With potatoes, bacon and onions, it makes a full meal, and in the middle stage looks more like hash browns.

So if someone had to eat that corn trucked in from Mexico, I guess I’m glad it was us.


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