Gold Star for Me

It apparently was meat week at our house last week, because after our pork chops I actually roasted a chicken on Friday night. I saw the recipe and thought that (1) I’ve never roasted a chicken, let’s try it and (2) it requires a trip to Cook’s Warehouse for a roasting pan. Sold.

Wishbone Roast Chicken with Herb Butter was the second meal last week that required multiple days’ preparation. I am not one to plan ahead, so this was a big feat for me. The chicken was really good, and I used the carcass to make some stock and the leftover meat for stir-fry.

While I was getting my new pan, I also picked up a new wooden spoon. I don’t recall where my other ones came from, but they are decidedly past their prime. The worst offender is now in Turtle’s play kitchen.

The dish it helped prepare was Absurdly Addictive Asparagus, which we had for the first time at Christmas. I am not a huge asparagus fan, but I don’t eat many green things and this is one way I sneak it in – with bacon of course.

My cooking was so top-notch last week it earned me a sticker on Turtle’s chore chart. Way to go me!


One thought on “Gold Star for Me

  1. If you ever venture out toward Perimeter Mall, there is a kitchen store called Sur la Table that is awesome! I can't ever get out of there without buying anything…ugh!

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