The Finish Line

It was dark and dreary in Atlanta today, but I barely noticed because I was too excited to have finished with the most lengthy project of my (admittedly brief) sewing life. Operation Flower Girl is complete, and a success. I think these dresses turned out beautifully, and I’m very proud of them. They aren’t perfect, but I have made peace with this.

They are ivory silk shantung, with an accent of “seafoam” green. I cannot wait to see our bridesmaid dresses, which are made with this same fabric, because it is gorgeous. Such a delicious color.

We chose the Birthday Party Dress pattern after seeing inspiration in the Oliver + S Flickr pool of this dress done up in silk and featuring an oversized tie. It is such a versatile pattern – in fact, I think I will make Turtle’s dress for the bridal luncheon from this pattern, using a nice soft wool and tabs instead of ties. The hardest part of the project was how long it took me. I am one who likes to finish garments in two days, tops. Because I was being extra conscientious and because I was making two dresses, this project took me about a week of working a couple hours here and there. I won’t lie, I was really glad to be done today.

The project, as I mentioned, was not without glitches. I used French seams, (another reason it took so long), and this reduced the size ever so slightly because I am not good at making sure the two seams equal only half an inch. So the facing was a bit wider than the dress – this was easily solved since there are pleats in the front anyway. (The facing has an extra pleat hidden in there.) I also had to move the buttons closer to the placket edge to ease the fit a little.

And check out these buttons by the way. They were salvaged from a warehouse in Mahattan and purchased at Whipstitch. Flower buttons for flower girl dresses? It was meant to be. The wedding is not until April, but I wanted to get these finished in plenty of time, just in case it was a disaster. So hopefully no one grows very much before then. If they do, I can always reduce the size of the pleats, which wouldn’t exactly be fun, but it wouldn’t be difficult.

So what now? Well, I still have almost two yards of that luscious green silk just sitting in my fabric basket, calling to me. The dresses will certainly need bloomers, so that’s an easy project. I’m also thinking a School Photo Dress would be perfect for the rehearsal dinner. For now, I’m going to enjoy having the weekend “off!”

Edit: I had a very unwilling model this morning, but here are a couple more photos that show the entire dress. We live in a dungeon so our only options are flash, which washes out these great colors, or noisy low light.


9 thoughts on “The Finish Line

  1. @Drena, I got it at Target. We don't really use it for "chores," more for things we want to encourage, like potty, staying in your own bed all night, etc. Then when you get so many stickers you get a prize (usually from the Target dollar section).

  2. The little flower girls in their pretty frocks might almost steal the show from the bride! You did a great job! Have fun sewing other pretty things for the festivities.

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