Still Partying

My sister’s bridal luncheon is next weekend, which of course calls for a new dress for Turtle. I have been talking up the party, telling her how it is “just for girls,” and how we will need to be “big girls.” I’m glad she and her cousin will be involved, but I hope that doesn’t mean the bride and I won’t be able to enjoy ourselves. I like to think that Turtle has decent restaurant manners, but she is 2 after all.

In any case, one of my very favorite inspirations from the Oliver + S Flickr pool is this gorgeous black wool Birthday Party Dress. I went into the fabric shop with all intentions of purchasing black wool, but the price tag was pretty steep. So I went for this charcoal gray cord instead, and I couldn’t be happier with it.

I also intended to use a dusty rose-pink ribbon instead of the tabs, but in all honesty, completely forgot about this plan and made tabs. Oops. I didn’t even realize it until I found the ribbon I purchased after the dress was finished and we took these photos. Looking at it now, I think it was too narrow anyway. I can always use it for something else.

The buttons are simple, pale peach and chosen strategically to match the outfit I’m wearing. I am not into mother-daughter matching, (I have some family photos from the ’80s that will quickly explain that aversion), but I figured Turtle could “coordinate” with my peach top and gray pants.

I love this pattern so much. I think it is my favorite Oliver + S design. But I still can’t get the shoulder seams right. Mine never match up correctly. No one but me and other sewers who really looked closely at the inside of the dress would ever know, but it bothers me that after FOUR attempts I still can’t get it. Nothing to do but keep practicing I guess.


4 thoughts on “Still Partying

  1. Oh just lovely! I like the idea to coordinate but not match. That dress looks divine and Turtle is a doll. I have that pattern but haven't gotten around to it yet – now I'll know to not mind if I get the shoulders funky!

  2. cute dress. I have only one photo with my mum with a matching dress. let's say she had good taste. the look was so simple and under stated.Now I am tempted to do that after reading your post. I've never thought about it before. Your post had some kind of reverse pschycology on me.

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