Put a Bird on It

I haven’t seen a full episode of Portlandia, but I’ve seen this clip about the bird trend in the design/craft world linked about a million times. As Homer says, it’s funny ’cause it’s true. But hey, I like birds on things, and knew I needed to use this adorable embroidery pattern from Little Miss Shabby in some way because it’s just too cute.

My sister’s bridal luncheon is this weekend and although the directive was “no gifts,” I wanted to bring a little something. So I put the birds on a pillow, just like Fred and Carrie suggested.

I flirted with making the pillow cover itself, but I knew that wasn’t going to work this week. It would require a trip to purchase a zipper and I had to get a pillow insert anyway, so I got both the pillow and cover at IKEA.

Because the birds are high on the cute factor, I kept the color palette simple. I thought about using red for the hearts and flowers, but when I laid everything out it was a bit loud. Moving the design over to the side also kept the cute under control I think.

I love the few little French knots and wish I had incorporated more of them.

I hope she likes it. I mean, it has a bird on it, how could she not?


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