Food Fights

I wish I could say that my kid will “eat anything.” I have (jealously) read more than one food critic’s stories of how their children eagerly gobble up things like cabbage and tripe. If I am to be honest though, Turtle’s exposure to things like that is low, because I am a pretty picky eater. We used to feed our dog Farley a raw diet because he had awful allergies, and I never even gave him tripe, because it just grosses me out. (By the way, don’t look at that raw feeding site if you have a weak stomach.)

Admittedly, tripe is an extreme example of adventurous eating, but you get my drift. The list of vegetables I like is pretty short and includes things like corn, potatoes and green peas. I can’t stand eggplant, squash or beets. I grew up eating a steady diet of Chef Boyardee spaghetti and meatballs. The problem though is that I refuse to feed my kid out of cans and boxes, because isn’t that part of what parenting is – trying to do “better” for your kids? So I am in the position of trying to mold healthy, adventurous eaters out of not just my daughter but myself too!

Much of the time we end up making things that are just slightly outside the box as far as kids’ meals go. We eat a lot of pasta with vegetables, stir fries and other meals that include more healthful ingredients sort of hidden in there. This pizza is one example. Earlier last week I made shrimp and grits from this recipe on Food Network. I knew that Turtle wasn’t a big fan of grits and she has only eaten shrimp maybe one other time but I wanted her to eat at least some of this dish. After MUCH coercion, she started chewing a shrimp and promptly began doing some melodramatic gagging. Talking around her half-chewed shrimp (which was very small by the way), she told me, “I’m about to gonna throw up.” I turned my head to regain my composure and then told her politely that I was sure she would not throw up and to please just finish eating it.

All that is to say that when we had leftover shrimp I knew I had better hide it pretty good if it was to ever get eaten. What else to do but make a pizza. My super easy and only sorta homemade version goes like this:

store-made dough (sold in the bakery in a plastic bag),

covered with store-made pesto,

topped with whatever cheese you have (in our case feta, mozzarella and parmesan),

and several leftover lemon-garlic shrimp. Bake for about 20 minutes and you get this lovely pie,

which will be gobbled up by a 2-year-old who doesn’t even notice that it includes vomit-inducing shrimp.


One thought on “Food Fights

  1. At least you got the shrimp in her mouth to be chewed! My picky 2 year old won't TRY anything new. Sigh. But you know, that pizza looks really good to ME to eat!Oh, and tripe, we feed our dog raw meat and bought a case of tripe once. ONCE. It stunk so badly I would gag every time we had to feed him. Yuck!

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