Happy Pancake Day!

When I asked Turtle what she wanted for dinner yesterday, she said, “chicken biscuits.” Now for one thing, the 10:30a.m. biscuit deadline was long past and for another, we’ve decided that she is Chik-fil-A intolerant. After three episodes of an upset stomach during or after eating there, DH and I decided that we just need to cut that out of our routine. This really saddens me because Chik-fil-A is really the only acceptable restaurant around here for those days that you’ve worked late, have a headache and it’s pouring rain so you need a drive-through.

Her comment gave me an idea though: since yesterday was National Pancake Day, we could make pancakes. I’m not sure why we need a National Pancake Day, but that’s neither here nor there.

We used the same recipe as we did for our Christmas breakfast, Mark Bittman’s Everyday Pancakes. As the title suggests, these pancakes on their own aren’t going to win any culinary awards for innovation. But they are yummy and (almost) as easy as the Chik-fil-A drive-through. They are certainly just as easy to make as starting from a boxed pancake mix.

I have recently discovered King Arthur Flour. Yes, it’s more expensive than others but it is totally worth it. Speaking of expensive, I really love it when I go out of my way and dig DEEP into my pocketbook to shop at Whole Foods for quality and healthful foods for my family, and the response from my lovely Turtle is a complaint that they don’t have car buggies like Publix does. Sigh.

See those bubbles? Yep, that’s butter. I am a big proponent of fats and it makes me sad that so many are suckered into low-fat diets that replace those good fats with chemicals and sugar. Americans love low-fat diets yet we’re the fattest people in the world. Double sigh. Now, I’m not suggesting that pancakes are necessarily “healthy,” but you get my drift.

Just as they were at Christmas, my pancake flipping skills are seriously lacking. Look at all that splatter. How do people manage to do this neatly? All suggestions to improve my skills are welcome.

So Happy Pancake Day! Hope everyone enjoyed it.


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