Baby Hopscotch

A co-worker is expecting a baby this month and I am invited to a shower for her later this week. After making Turtle’s Hopscotch dress I had some fabric left over and decided to make it up again in the 6-12-month size. At first I thought about putting elastic or a drawstring around the bottom to make a cute gown, but then I got nervous about a baby sleeping in something I made. There are so many rules and warnings about baby sleepwear and while this is not something I get freaked out about with my own kid, I was sufficiently freaked out enough to scrap that idea. Working in a law firm will do that to you I guess.

Even without my original vision, it is a darling little dress. I forgot how cute everything looks in such a small size.

Construction of this garment bordered on disaster. I broke a needle, a sleeve got caught in the needle plate and I ripped a hole in it, my thread broke several times and I had to do one side seam three times with the serger because I kept creating a little gap in the seam. Then, when I literally had one inch to go on finishing the hem with my double needle, my bobbin ran out of thread.

Turtle kept herself entertained by drawing, then dumping every marker she owns in the floor, then pushing her baby buggy. We live in a super small condo so I can hear and almost see her from everywhere in the place. At one point though, there was silence coming from the living room. Just as I was getting up from my chair, I heard the sickening thud of my camera hitting the tile floor. When I ran in, she was holding it up saying, “Here Mommy!”, as if she had meant to bring it to me. Cute, but she still got a time-out. (The camera survived and is working fine.)

Needless to say, I hope the mother-to-be likes this little dress. I think I will spare her the sob story of its birth.


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