Big Fat Fail

If I ever have the bright idea to make any kind of doll or toy again, shoot me. This week I made my third attempt at “softies,” and like every time before, they were a colossal failure. Following the devastating earthquake in New Zealand, a craft blogger started a campaign to send handmade soft toys to affected children. I thought, wow, what an easy way to make a small difference and brighten a child’s day.

My bunnies were supposed to look like this cute lil’ fella:

Instead, they looked like this:

Well, that’s not so bad, you might be saying. Except that they had an unfortunate, disturbing Nightmare Before Christmas feel.

At first I thought that maybe once they were finished they wouldn’t be so bad. But it was very clear by the end that I could NOT offer these as gifts. I did manage to finish the pink one because Turtle wanted it.

For all future relief efforts, I’ll be donating cash or store-bought goods.


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