Hopscotch Dress

After waiting almost three months, I was finally able to get to my Hopscotch pattern. Now that I have the serger, it should have turned out perfectly. It turned out well, but there was a problem with the seams in that they weren’t “tight” enough, and you could see the stitching a little from the outside. After getting advice from my fellow Oliver + S junkies, I sat down yesterday to adjust my settings. What do you know: all the thread tensions had been tinkered with and I just hadn’t noticed when I made the dress. Now who do you think would be drawn to those colorful little wheels? You’re right, probably the husband.

Regardless of the wonky stitches, the dress is adorable. It may be my new favorite pattern.

I used one of the Oliver + S City Weekend knits and it is awesome. So very soft. The hardest thing was cutting out the pieces, because I don’t have a rotary cutter. Plus, I accidentally tried to cut a straight pin with my scissors recently and nicked them up. Argh.

It fits great and has enough ease that it should last us a long time. It’s also cute enough for wearing “out,” but comfortable and not so precious that it can’t be played in too.

So, now I know to check my machine settings every time I sit down. It’s hard to stay mad at that face though.


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