Wedding Hair Ornaments

We are only a month out from my sister’s wedding and I am getting more excited every day. I am so looking forward to spending several days in Charleston and to all the festivities. I have not one, but two fabulous dresses to wear, plus an amazing pair of shoes that we got for a song at Nordstrom.

My middle sister and I spotted a beautiful hair accessory at the bridal shop where our sister got her wedding gown. Priced at almost $100 for some satin, a comb and a rhinestone brooch, I knew I could make something just as pretty. Plus, I got to choose fabric that is almost an exact match to our shoes.

The construction was pretty easy, and I took photos along the way in case you want to recreate one for yourself. You know, for all those times you need rhinestones in your hair.

I cut out 12 petal shapes and four rectangles, folding the rectangles long ways and sewing closed on each short end, and sewing two petals together at a time to create six full petals for each comb.

I pinned the petals into a flower shape, and then stitched a row of gathering stitches along one long end of the rectangles.

I gathered the rectangles and placed two atop each set of petals. The great thing about making flowers is that the more organic (read: messy) they are, the better.

I sewed everything down in the middle and glued a small circle to the back to hide the stitches before attaching each flower to a metal comb. On top of the whole deal I pinned some snazzy brooches.

Pretty cool eh? I like the one with all the pearls best, I think, but the star has a deco vibe that I like too. Total cost for each hairpin: about $25. The bulk of that is the brooches, which were $16 and $20 each. I can’t wait to see them in action.


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