Taco Mac

You know you’ve got a favorite on your hands when everyone in the family not only cleans his or her plate, but gets seconds. That was the case last week with this super easy and fast Taco Mac that I found on Annie’s Eats. I forget how I stumbled onto this site, but it’s yet another great resource for recipes.

On a side note, I was recently purging some items from the kitchen (mostly serving pieces that have never been used), and DH suggested I also get rid of the dozen or so cookbooks that crowded the top of our cabinets. At first I refused, but then realized that in the almost four years we have lived in our condo, I have NEVER taken even ONE of them down off that cabinet. So I brought them to work and passed them onto others who hopefully will get some use out of them. They are all lovely books, but with the advent of “foodie culture” on the web, plus my thousand-page New York Times cookbook, I just don’t need them. The only one I kept was a 1982 church cookbook that my mother-in-law bought multiples of when it was released so she could give them to her kids when they were grown. How sweet is that?

Back to the taco mac – it’s sort of a do-it-yourself Hamburger Helper and it is really great. There’s not much to it: noodles,

taco seasoning, (another side note – why can’t recipes that call for packaged ingredients specify the weight of the package instead of saying something like 4 tablespoons taco seasoning? this makes no sense. FYI, use the whole package.),

ground beef, cream cheese, sour cream and canned tomatoes. I ran my tomatoes through the blender first because I have a “thing” about chunks of tomato. In the summertime you could of course use fresh ones.

There were barely enough leftovers for my lunch the next day because we all pretty much looked like this:

And our bowls looked like this (this is DH’s bowl and no, it has not been rinsed out or dog-licked):


5 thoughts on “Taco Mac

  1. That's funny about the taco seasoning because I feel the exact opposite. When it says "one envelope taco seasoning," I don't know what that means because I found that they make canisters of taco seasoning! They also make canisters of that ranch power too. I've only been able to find them at the evil WalMart, though.

  2. Oh I will have to try this. I actually like the flavor of hamburger helper but don't want to serve that crap to my family. Your version looks yummy.HOW did you get your LO's hair up like that? Wrestling my DD's hair into pigtails is no small feat at our house!

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