Still Hopscotching

Spring has sprung here in Atlanta …

and that means one thing:

We braved the pollen for a few minutes to show off the second corduroy Hopscotch skirt, this time in bright purple. My attempt at a “detail” photo was interrupted,

and Turtle’s outfit as a whole was definitely on the Grimace side. She replaced her “jeggings” with the skirt for our photo shoot.

Making the skirt this time was MUCH easier, and I even discovered that I skipped a step last time. I really love this design in corduroy; I think it lends itself really well to all the top stitching.

Now, back inside for tissues.


2 thoughts on “Still Hopscotching

  1. Grimace…do they still use Grimace, the Hamburglar, and the Fry Guys in their advertising or is it just something that us of a particular generation remember?Cute outfit! The Hopscotch skirt is on my list of things to sew.

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