It Sucked, and Then I Cried

You know when you’re trying to lose weight and it seems like you’ve done really well, but then you get on the scale and you’ve actually GAINED two pounds, and you feel so defeated and dejected that you just say f*** it and eat a pint of Ben & Jerry’s? No, that’s just me? Well anyway, that’s how I felt last night.

I had been working for two hours on Turtle’s Easter dress, which she will also be wearing to my sister’s wedding rehearsal and dinner in two weeks. I am making the School Photo Dress, in a lovely dove gray with a Liberty-like lawn for the ruffled collar and sleeve binding. I was serging part of the genius little kangaroo pocket when I watched in horror as part of the dress front slid under the serger knife. I had disengaged the knife for all the rest of my serging so far, but I thought I would slice off some of the volume at the bottom of the pocket. I pulled the piece out of the machine and saw a huge hole right in the front of the dress. Not on the seam, not in the lining … smack dab in the middle of the fabric, with no way to repair it.

I said MANY choice words and just stared down at the table. DH thought I was hurt since my cursing was followed by deathly silence. It was one of those moments when you can’t even be mad, you’re just so defeated. DH wisely told me that I needed to just stop for the night. So I did, after I cut new pieces of all FOUR affected dress sections. I thought about undoing some stitching and trying to salvage some parts, but when I started doing that I realized it would take less time to just start over.

So it will be deja vu all over again in my house tonight. I am actually very proud of myself for not throwing a fit. After all, there wouldn’t have been any point in that. I did, however, eat half a pint of ice cream. And may I say, kudos to Ben & Jerry’s for your new Milk & Cookies flavor. It made me feel much better.


4 thoughts on “It Sucked, and Then I Cried

  1. At least you aren't abandoning the project which is what I have done when royally screwing up things in the past. Ice cream makes any day better.

  2. OH NO! I made three of these at once and spent a very boring day overlocking all the raw edges first so this wouldn't happen!Well done you for finishing it AND not lobbing it and the machine out the window!

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