Pillows and More Pillows

A while back, Deborah at Whipstitch came up with this idea of swapping unfinished projects between sewing buddies. I immediately knew what I would swap: the linen napkins that have been on my to-do list for years, literally. I almost never buy paper towels or paper napkins because it just seems wasteful to me, but I also don’t have enough “real” napkins to go around. So usually we are wiping our mouths at the dinner table with dishcloths. Classy, I know.

So I was thrilled to hand off my napkin project to my talented sewing buddy April. In return, I got a Project Runway-esque challenge to do whatever I wanted with the fabric she gave me. Hmmmm. This is what resulted.

A reverse-applique pillow, with pink wool felt. One of the fabrics is paisley, and I thought it would look pretty cool in a sort of “falling leaf” pattern across the pillow. I started out by WAY over complicating things and coming up with a very elaborate way of positioning the parts I wanted to show through so that I could sew appropriately from the right side of the felt. Fortunately, I had a lightbulb moment and realized that I just needed to sew from the wrong side where I could see the paisley. Duh. It is backed with the full paisley fabric  – pretty huh?

Although I realize it’s not the kind of thing a person probably wants in her living room, I think it’s pretty cute and funky. Hopefully April has a chair in her sewing room or basement or something that needs some extra cushioning.

While I was working on this, Turtle became enamored with the whole pillow idea (i.e., the stuffing) and wanted one of her own. So I handed her my scrap basket and told her to pick something out. She immediately went to the mermaids, big surprise. But that’s okay because I needed to use the rest of it anyway.

And I figured I would make two while I was at it. I hate seeing that overflowing scrap basket… yet another thing that makes me feel wasteful.

So now she has two pillows to add to her new regular-sized bed and I made a dent in the scrap pile. Success.


2 thoughts on “Pillows and More Pillows

  1. I love it!!!! It will be great in my sewing chair for the days when I need some extra back support!And I would put it in my living room if it matched. Seriously. I think it might clash with my bright red couch, though.

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