Still Here

Well, contrary to what it looks like here on the blog, I have been sewing some these past few weeks. The technology gods have conspired against me recently, although I have no idea what I did to anger them. First it was the missing camera, then a bad memory card reader, then a faulty router. Since bad things come in threes, hopefully that’s where it will end.

Before our trip, I finished up two pairs of Puppet Show Shorts, and I have a third pair cut and waiting to be put together. I love these shorts. They are adorable and I plan to make many more pairs for the summer. I also need to make some of the matching tunics. One of my very favorite Oliver + S projects is this example by Amy at Badskirt. Is that just gorgeous or what?

I was inspired to get this pattern by that pixelated fabric in the background pair. I used it to make couch pillows, but for some reason when I first cut into it all I could imagine was shorts. So I set out to get a copy of this pattern, which is now out of print. Fortunately, I tracked one down online. It’s getting near impossible to find.

Look at that excellent pattern matching on the seam! Just kidding, that was totally luck. I love everything about these shorts: the little gathered pockets, the oh-so-very-slightly gathered legs, the binding. Turtle is obsessed with shorts, so these will serve us well in the next few months.


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