Easter Bonnet

Well, not a bonnet per se, but Turtle did have a new hat in time for Easter. This is the Little Things to Sew reversible bucket hat, which I had a pretty good time sewing up last week. This was my first go at hats, and I must say, Philip Treacy has nothing to worry about from me. I enjoyed it, but some of the parts were just too fiddly for me to do often, no fault of the pattern. I am just not very good at patiently sewing these kind of “three-dimensional” items.

I also am not all that enamored with my choice of fabric. I picked this because it was bright and cheerful and did not include pink. But once the hat came together I thought it looked a little boyish. Not that that’s a bad thing – like I said, we do have too much pink in our life.

We had a fabulous Easter weekend with family, hunting eggs, playing outside and eating our weight in chocolate. I intended to start a health-food-only “cleanse” today, but then I got a headache and really, those truffles were more like medicine than a treat. Tomorrow is another day.

I have so many projects lined up in my head, and was lucky enough to find out about a great coupon at Fat Quarter Shop for 20 percent off that expires Wednesday. So now I have a ton of goodies on the way to replenish my fabric stash. Until then, here are a few pictures from the weekend to show off Turtle’s School Photo Dress and Puppet Show Shorts. Now, where are the rest of those truffles …


One thought on “Easter Bonnet

  1. The hat is adorable and I like the multi-colored polka dots. I don't think it looks too boyish…it's smack in the middle of gender neutral to me.:)I love that last picture with her tongue sticking out! Super Cute!

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