Bunny Favors

Usually when I see crafts from Martha Stewart, my reaction is exactly like that of her daughter Alexis and friend Jennifer on their show Whatever, Martha. Sure, I’m going to wrap thread around eggs. Then I’ll add some diamonds too, Faberge style. But this particular craft idea caught my eye, because it really is so simple. All you need are greeting card or stationery-size envelopes and markers.

Using the bunny template, I traced the shape onto closed envelopes and then cut them out. What results is a little bunny-shaped pouch, perfect for Easter treats. I have loads of pink felt, so I used that for the ears. Draw on a bunny face and you’re done!

We packed ours with truffles that, while super delicious, melt in your hands quicker than any candy I’ve ever seen. Turtle was a great help, though it did get messy.

This technique would work for pretty much any silhouette I think. Witch hat for Halloween? Christmas tree perhaps? Definitely a keeper, and no Whatever, Martha moments.


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