The Wedding

No, not that one. My precious baby finally made it home to me, so I finally got to the photos I took at my sister’s wedding last month. Word of warning, there are lots of photos here. I just have so many great ones… I did try to focus on the handmade-related ones and those that weren’t too, um,  incriminating.

First things first, everyone needs a pedicure for a fancy wedding. Couldn’t you just eat those little piggies up?

We spent the first day wandering around town, checking out the parks and exploring. Turtle made a great first impression on the locals in her gray corduroy Birthday Party Dress.

Enjoying Washington Park
Trying to break into a super posh hotel

Turtle’s School Photo Dress made its debut at the rehearsal. The place where the wedding was held just could not be more beautiful.

These azaleas were enormous. My grandmother tells us it’s because the bush is so old.

The rehearsal dinner was held on a rooftop on the bay,

which is where the celebration began in earnest.

The groom, left, getting advice from his future brother- and father-in-law

Heath & Amanda

Our friend Curry – how chic is she?

Enjoying the party

Me & DH

The big day started with a trip to the salon. I found this cute little stud applique at JoAnn’s and my youngest sister Rachel and I put it on this oxford shirt for Amanda to wear while getting ready.

My pictures are fairly sparse from this point since Tim arrived and I was able to just sit back and enjoy. But I did get document the flower girls at their peak beauty.

Dig that big bow!

I made this headband at the last minute, but I loved it.

Beautiful handmade shoes from Ivory & Moss.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Adams!


2 thoughts on “The Wedding

  1. Looks like the wedding was a good time! I love, love, love how Turtle's flower girl dress looks. The white with the little accents of blue are divine and she looks so beautiful!

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