Ready for Summer

During my time alone today, I finally finished the third pair of Puppet Show Shorts I cut out many weeks ago. I had run out of elastic and just today got around to getting more. The fabric is a very cute IKEA print that I’ve used for a couple other things – the pattern is so widely spaced though that you don’t see many of the characters. I did have the forethought to center one of the characters for the pockets – but unfortunately his head got cut off. Oops.

I also made up a Hopscotch shirt in black this afternoon, altering the length to be somewhere between shirt and dress, using the smallest size dress hem line. Although I love colorful prints in theory, practically speaking I tend to gravitate toward solids. I think they can go a long way in avoiding that “homemade” look.

I didn’t intend the top to go with the shorts, but I think they work well together. Every time I go to Turtle’s closet I feel I only find cold-weather options, so I need to multiple this summer outfit by about 10.

During the remainder of my staycation, I’ll be making a Puppet Show Tunic in this awesome tonal white fabric.

I’m looking forward to what I expect will be a challenge. Just look at all the pattern pieces.

I was going to start this tomorrow but I think I may need to get going…


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