Hop, Skip and Jump

I hadn’t planned to do any sewing last night, but the DH was watching sports and I had one of those “I’ll just cut out all the pieces” moments. Of course once the pieces are cut, I think, “I might as well put the interfacing on,” and then it’s an hour later and I’m standing over a finished Hopscotch dress.

Once I cut out this City Weekend polka dot knit, I was convinced that I needed a contrasting neck band. I didn’t have any matching yardage, but I did have some old onesies in the “upcycle” bin. I have to tell you, it’s a bit macabre to cut up a little baby outfit. Fortunately it was a larger size and was long enough.

I’m glad I decided to use the white piece – it’s just enough contrast to make the dress more interesting. The dots are such a small scale, they need that contrast I think.

I love this pattern because it’s so “everyday.” I would hate to see my Puppet Show tunic come home with spaghetti sauce on it, but the Hopscotch dresses are so quick to put together that they are not so precious.

Turtle has started pretending a lot, and in the photo above that piece of broken pottery is a pizza with cheese and sour cream. I think we eat too many burritos as everything has cheese and sour cream.


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