Class Picnic Blouse

I’ve been on a sewing tear lately, inspired by the loads of new fabric I got a few weeks ago. One of those was the new Modern Workshop from Oliver + S in Cultivated Flower. I went so far as to plan out and label all my fabrics with what I wanted them to be, and this one seemed meant for a Class Picnic Blouse.

When I (giddily) ordered this pattern, I got the larger size range, because the small range ends right about where Turtle is now. I figured I would get more use out of it this way, and because both the top and shorts have elastic, I think a few adjustments will mean she can wear it now.

I may end up shortening the sleeves a little, because we are already into 90-degree weather here. Since this is a little on the big side, the sleeves that are supposed to be three-quarter will be essentially long sleeves on Turtle.

I’m also thinking I may try a cap sleeve with this bodice, maybe borrow the sleeve pattern from the Puppet Show Tunic or Music Class Blouse?

The only adjustment I made was to the bias trim that forms the elastic casing at the shoulders. The first one I made was on the narrow side and hard to fold under while still leaving room for the elastic to go through. So I trimmed very close to the stitching on the second one, more than the suggested quarter-inch, which left more room to fold over. Much easier.

Now we just need to fish our picnic basket out of storage and we’ll be ready to go.


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